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As a licensed real estate agent serving both Southern and Northern California, Tiffany Shields checks all of the boxes. She not only helps buyers get the keys to their homes but also goes the extra mile to ensure they keep them. After witnessing an influx of foreclosures early in her career, Tiffany makes it her priority to educate homeowners about prevention alternatives so they can avoid losing their homes in the future. It was also around that time that she discovered the secret to a smooth transaction: clear and consistent communication.
Tiffany was introduced to the real estate industry at a young age since her parents owned several rental properties. When other kids were playing video games and watching cartoons, she was collecting rent and helping maintain properties. Now she is on a mission to help her peers realize the same opportunities to purchase real estate, generate wealth, and pass it on to future generations.
Before becoming an agent, Tiffany launched her career as a transaction coordinator and eventually worked as an assistant for two of the top brokers in the Bay Area. The recipient of the Outstanding Sales Achievement award in 2021, she credits working alongside her mentors for helping her to develop the winning work ethic she has today.
According to Tiffany, she would still be involved with this profession even if she wasn’t getting paid, and she aspires to host a real estate show someday. In the meantime, she is busy raising the next generation of agents in her household as a single mother of two children. When she is not busy growing her liquor brand or updating her online bartending school, she is probably watching a movie or traveling with her children.


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